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Composing Mails
In Outlook when adding addresses to the recipients while writing a new mail, if I type the name of a user appearing in the addresbook this is auto-completed to the whole name (and address). I'm not able to do the same work in The Bat! v3.

Is it possible?
Yes - it is an option that you must enable in preferences, in the "General" options page.
Whitch option? I can't find it. Can you be more specific?

These are the options I have under Options->Preferences->general:

(I'll use:
Red: Unchecked
Green: Checked
Blue: other option type)

  • Always show icon in the system tray
  • minimize to system tray
  • icon animation when unread messaged are detected
  • use external viewer to open attached images
  • hight colour images
  • inform about birthdays using address book data
  • display menunavigation button in the caption bar
  • close the separate viewer parent window when replying/forwarding
  • use x-mailer header in messages
  • start program after system halt
  • display connection center: Automatically
  • default virtual folder name template: * %Name *

Thanks a lot!
Try the AutoComplete option at
Options -> Preferences -> System
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks, it works.
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