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The Bat! Professional 4.1.3 Final ?
I just came across a mention of "The Bat! Professional 4.1.3" and the URL to download it was on Ritlabs domain.

However there is no official mention of this version on the RitLabs News etc (TB 4.0.38 is the latest mentioned version).

Can anyone shed some light on this? Is this a valid release or what. I d/loaded it (from the RitLabs URL) but am hesitant to try it. I am a registered user but I seem to recall that my registration is valid for all 4.0.x version updates but not for 4.1.x and I would not like installing and then uninstalling etc.

Naturally I could pay to upgrade but till I see that TB can handle Greek spelling checks I don't see the reason to do so. I have had to uninstall TB 4.0.x versions numerous times and revert to 3.99.29 every time :(

Any opinions/advice will be appreciated  :)  
Now you know why I hate Mondays...

Did a referesh about an hour after sending the above and ... there was the new advertisment for TB 4.1 in the left frame :)

So it is a valid release although the latest version is still mentioned as TB4.0.38. No problem it will soon be updated I guess. So now I only have one question:

Does TB4.1 have a Greek spelling checker ?
Your v3 registration is valid for the 4.0 realeases, but not for for the 4.1 releases.

V4.1 supports a Greek spell checker provided that you download the Greek dictionary from and place it in TB's 'dictionaries' directory, but 4.0 and even 3.99 should support that, though it's kind of undocumented in the help file.

What the 4.1.3 version goes, officially that's still a release candidate, it's supposed to be published tomorrow.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
How long does it take to receive my registration key for TB 4.1.3 I purchased and payed hours ago?
Depends on the shop you bought it, you should get it before X-mas. In case you don't, check your spam folder.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Roelof, if I was to buy you a beer for every time you offer some advice.... you'd wake up one day with a huge hangover :)

I have no problem with paying for the TB4.1+ upgrade - let's face it, I spend more when I go "out for a beer" and TB is something I use all day  :)

However I did notice that there is some incompatibility in the backup format (I quote):

Users are informed....nor can they restore data backed up by The Bat! 4.1 with older versions

This is understandable (new format) but it also means I have to reinstall TB on my home PC so as to be able to synch with the work PC mail base.

This is the only thing I hesitate about... (The) Frequent crashes I had when testing various versions of TB4.0.x were always "fixed" by reverting to TB3.99.29 but now with a different backup format it is not so easy. It is a risk I have to consider before taking the big step.   :|

Come to think about it though... it is the backup format that has changed not the mail base (right?). Would copying the mail folders from/to each installation do the trick?

But Christmas holidays are here, I will have some free time on my hands so I think I might take the chance  :D

Best Wishes!  

I don't what crashes you had, but I've tested all 4.0 versions (apart from 4.0.38, because that was published when I was using the new message base format in the then current betas) on my own system and none crashed, neither the betas nor the public versions.

It really is the message base format that has changed, not merely the backup format. The index file has been changed.
Therefore copying the mail folders won't do the trick, though I believe that the messages.tbb format remained unchanged, so an import should work.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.

I believe that the messages.tbb format remained unchanged, so an import should work.

I hope so (too). I am toying with the idea of an upgrade and just backed up everything in case I have to go back to TB3.99.29 again  :)

The crashes I mentioned were "invalid thread", "invalid pointer" and "thebat.exe exception errors at..." at random but always inconvenient times. I had to shutdown TB from Task Manager and restart it whenever this happened - clicking "OK" on the error window just caused the (same usually) error window to re-appear  :evil:  
If it ain't broken... DON'T fix it!

Well known advice that I should have learnt to follow....

Installed the new version (TB4.1.3) and it looks good. Pity that the damn thing keeps crashing with an "invalid pointer operation"    :cry:

Can't figure out why the &@$! it does that  :evil:

It's so frustrating  :(  
Costas, when "invalid pointer operation" appears? what OS do You have?  
Hi Marek,

I am using WinXP Pro (SP3) and if this problem continues I will be using antidepressants and tranquilizers too  :cry:

Thanks for your interest in my problem  :)  
Edited: Costas Giannakenas - 22 December 2008 23:28:39
And something weird I noticed...

When TB is running and we switch to Task Manager (I am using WinXP Pro) there is no listing of "The Bat" under the applications running  :!:

However when we switch to the Processes tab in Task Manager we see TheBat normally listed  :o

Just something I "discovered" about TB4.1.3.... when switching to Task Manager as the only way to get out of a frozen TB :(

Any explanations?
Costas, could you please send thebat_Exceptions.log by e-mail to You will find the file thebat_Exceptions.log in your mail directory. An %EMAIL% environment variable points to this directory. Just type %EMAIL% in the path line of Windows Explorer.
Hi Maxim,

Please see:

My other post

It's message 42 (the last one). I wrote it this morning.

Then you'll understand why I cannot send you my exceptions.log (at this time) as I uninstalled everything before reinstalling TB3.99 (again)

However I will send you the requested .log from another PC when I return to work after Xmas - TB has the same problems there as well.

I'd be happy to provide any assistance in solving these bugs(?).

Thanks for your interest  :)  
Maxim please disregard the above.... I took a look in the recycle bin and found the exceptions.log file.

It's on it's way  :)  
If you are running other programs in the background of your Windows, disable them to find out whether these are causing problems. Sometimes they interfere strangely. I had a firewall program (Outpost) give me bluescreens when using Winrar...
I see ritlabs has released versions 4.1.5 and 4.1.7... where can I see the changelogs?
I didn't receive any message from Costas Giannakenas to may e-mail address.
Hi Maxim,

I will try again tonight (it bounced). Is the address correct? ?

I have re-installed TB3.99.29 in order to get my email working in the meantime but I am still sincerely interested in being able to use TB4.1.x - if I can do that without the problems.

Whatever happens I will still be a TB user.... regardless of version  :)
For all Greek people that have problems with spell checking in version 4.x.x check to see if you have installed mspell32.dll. It's part of a spell checking engine for office called Ilex. Thebat was using it also for checking in versions 3.x.x and was working fine but from version 4 it causes so many problems. The solution is to delete the registry key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Proofing Tools\Spelling\1032

Then Thebat works with hunspell correctly
Exy thanks for the tip BUT.....

What about other installed applications that use mspell32.dll ? Won't they have a problem?

On the other hand though... This .dll may be a "leftover" from older versions and not in use by any current Win versions like WinXP Pro which I use. I say this because I sometimes get the message that "spelling hyphenation... bla bla ... mspell32.dll not found" although I DO have Greek spelling check available (this only happens in .DOC files from a specific e-mail pal).

So without having this .dll on my system I still had Hunspell problems although I admit that I have NOT done a registry search for the string you mention.  :)
mspell32.dll has a reg files that registers it in windows so u must edit registry in order to unregister it. The only app in my system  that using mspell32.dll was office but i found other proofing tools installed it in microsoft shared\proof and office works like a charm. Maybe u have some other conflicting proofing tools
OK exy, I will check it out. Thanks for the response.

Maxim I am sending the exception files now (sorry for the delay)
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