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Hungarian spelling -- how?
I want to keep the UI English, but be able to spell-check Hungarian text.
However, when I edit a new mail, all words are underlined, although Spell Checker - Languages is set to Hungarian.
I am running XP Pro SP3 English, The Bat Pro, Office 2003 installed.
I googled a bit and found that The Bat! can not use the CSAPI engine of Office 2003.
Also tried using thebat.lng from -- it changes the UI language to Hungarian, but still has everything underlined.
So is there a solution to my problem?

Thank you.
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Download the Hungarian dictionary from and extract it into the dictionaries directory in your mail directory.
That should enable you to use an Hungarian spell checker.
Download the dictionary file from:
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
AFAIK hungary distributor worked on SSCE dictionaries for Hungarian spellchecking too, You should aske them.
Thanks for the link, I downloaded it and copied it to Dictionaries, but the only change is that now Automatic checking toggles underlining on/off... Also, the readme in the downloaded hu_dicts.oxt says it needs hunspell v1.1.3 or newer. So while I have Office 2003 and a Hungarian spell checker, I am supposed to install yet another speller that I wouldn't use otherwise. I don't know why and how MS broke the CSAPI engine (for The Bat!), but the current situation looks pretty bad.

Thank you, will try to contact them. I don't really understand why Hungarian is a problem while other languages seem to work just fine.
When I hold my cursor over the hunspell.dll that's installed with TB, it says that it's version v1.2.1 so that should be new enough.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Microsoft Licence allowed using CSAPI dictionaries freely fr om Office97, but this was cancelled since Office2003.

If You want use HUNSPELL, You need *.aff and *.dic files extracted in DICTIONARIES subdirectory wh ere is thebat.exe, so install hu_dicts.oxt to Firefox (The Bat! doesn't supports OXT format), then search drive and locate hu_HU.aff and hu_HU.dic files - move/copy them to previously specified directory and restart The Bat!.

SSCE system is an american system, which had problems with european codepages and did not supported UTF - but this is not truth almost 2 years, SSCE system supports them already and same is on TB's side since 4.0 version. But SSCE vendor does not offer eastern europe dictionaries, so some distributors are preparing own dictioneries in their native language - we are  preparing czech, macasoft is doing hungary one etc.
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