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Import email to Gmail using The Bat(IMAP)

I have an old version of The Bat that has alot of stored email messages on my computer. If I upgrade to the newest version of The Bat, will I be able to use IMAP to upload these stored messages to the gmail server? I know outlook can upload messages to folders using IMAP, can The Bat?

I haven't configured my gmail account to imap, so I can't promise you anyuting with regard to gmail, but I'm using an imap account and TB can move messages from my other accounts to that imap account. So I don't expect any problems with gmail.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
yes it works. Activate Imap on gmail. Then create the corresponding imap account on The Bat. Then move mails from your old the bat account to the new the bat account.

But before than that do the soft upgrade in order to convert old format of the bat to the new one
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