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Problems with S/MIME and TB! v3

I'm using The Bat! Pro v3, and when I try and generate a digital certificate for myself (using the generate
button in The Bat!) I get the following error messages:

"Token driver is not installed or PKCS#11 API is missing"

(this error only shows up the first time I try it after starting The Bat!. After the first attempt it then
only shows the error below until I shut down The Bat! and reopen it again)

followed by:

"The specified token could not be found"

FWIW I used this function previously in The Bat! v2 without any problems.

I'm not using any tokens or hardware authentication methods.

Also, I created a digital certificate for myself using openSSL and a GUI front-end and when imported
into other programs (IE, Mozilla, Thunderbird etc.) it works fine but when I import it into The Bat! the
certificate shows up as invalid due to "Invalid signature match".

Any ideas what the problem(s) could be and how to solve it?

Has anybody managed to successfully create a digital certificate for themself using The Bat! or even successfully use a self-created digital certificate with The Bat!???


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