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Where are new versions of BayesIt!, BayesIt Spam Filter.
Well, I admit it, I can't figure out where to find new versions of BayesIt or how to install them. Help me please.
Ron, I got it from here -

Simple answer..

Here is how you get the newest and latest file.

PSST .. pass it on!

Duno where the link is that shows or discusses the latest version, I usually hit it by luck..

OK.. First..

Go into your the bat directory, click on Mail folder then click on bayesit folder.

OK.. now that you made it this far, you're half way there! :D

Now, open the "history.txt" file.. and guess what.. there it is, the link to the latest and greatest, well not quite.. you will see the history etc.. PLUS the link to that version!

OK, I posted this link.. now looking further here is how you check for the latest... see the file name at the end.. "bayesit065.rar"  OK, replace the 065 with 066 etc.. you will now find that you can continue on with these numbers until you get a FILE NOT FOUND or no prompt to save the file.. (This is how I did it, quite successfully I might add!) and wherever you last successful file you downloaded, you have the latest file!  Go figure.. that easy!

Ok now the tricky part.. You will see files all the way to version 068  NOW, 068 is only a file replacement, however the history in that file which is attached to the revision 068 tells you that 065 is the latest full version download, and the one file in 068 is a replacement of one of the files in 065..

SOOO get yourself 065 and install it, then get 068 and replace the file within your bayesit folder where you dumped 065.

Run TB and then remove the version you have, and install 068.. VOILA..

Hope this helps, and perhaps RITlabs will publish a link on the bat website at some point in the future.

There.. gluck.. and remember.. text files are your friend, and sometimes your only hope!
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