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Sorting Filter - Delete, not move to Trash

I have a simple incoming message filter set up, with only one action - "Delete the Message". However, when messages are processed by this filter, they're not actually deleted, but only moved to the Trash folder. I need complete message deletion. Any help appreciated.

What do you have configured at:
Account -> Properties -> Mail management -> Deletion
Try whether it helps to set 'Normal deletion' at 'Mark as deleted, do not use Trash'

When this fails, you could check:
Account -> Properties -> Options -> Empty Trash folder on exit
                                -> Compress all folders on exit
These two options should cause all your deleted messages to be removed from disk when exitting TB.

Hope this helps
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Changing my "Deletion" settings to not use the Trash makes the filter work, but breaks my "delete" key. What I want is what I had in v2, where hitting "delete" moves a message to Trash, and there is the ability to immediately and completely delete an incoming message using a sorting filter.

Maybe if the sorting filter had an "Alternate delete" action, I could use that and set it to delete without using Trash. I need to keep my Del key the way it is.
Alright, I got it to work magically by:

1) Setting the Normal delete to use the Trash
2) Setting the Alternative delete to not use the Trash
3) Keeping the "Delete message" action in my filter

I'm not sure how the filter chooses exactly which type of delete to perform based on my account settings, but now it seems to work the way I wanted it to.

Should have been documented, though.
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