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Filters stop working on restored installation, Bug in Install prevents filters from working
Hello, I have a serious installation problem that has been submitted to support and assigned a ticket number several days ago but no useful reply.

I have had an older version of BAT running on an old computer / Win98 for several years.  Just got a new computer, windows XP Media Center Edition, and decided to upgrade to the current BAT at the same time.

Installed the new BAT on the new computer and did a Restore from a Backup.tbk file generated off the old system. This put the original accounts and filters in place on the new system.

But get this: The filters work only if I dont do anything to them. As soon as I try to edit an autoreply, the filter stops working. In fact even if I make a new really simple filter like just set a flag on the emails in the inbox, the FILTER DOES NOTHING

The little window says the filtering is complete, but nothing actually happens. No flags got set.  Nothing.

I am extremely frustrated with this (and with the lack of response from Support). I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times with the same result -- the filters work until I try to modify them in any way.

Upgrading seems to have been a big mistake. Can anyone assist?

Thank you.
OK, for anyone interested in following this here is what I have done to solve this problem.

I removed the new BAT from my new computer and installed the old version (1.62) I had been using on my old computer. I restored from a .tbk file generated off my old computer. Basically I did the exact same process as I had used trying to make the new version of BAT work.

The difference is that the old version 1.62 WORKS after the restore! All the filters work everything is cool. I am back in business using the old version and you might guess how long it will be before I try another BAT upgrade.

As far as I am concerned, this pretty much proves there is a real problem with the new version. I think they should return what I paid for it.

BAT has great functionality and I dont know what I would do without it. Lucky for me, the old version has everything I need.

The really disappointing thing to me is the contrast between the quick response I got from an RIT Labs rep when I asked a question before buying the upgrade, and the fade-to-black on resolving the problems.

Some of you others reporting problems with the new version might want to regress to the old version also to see if that helps

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