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Filter: Move incoming mail to folder based on relative date, IMAP Server Filter - is it possible?
I have a folder on an IMAP server called "Mailing Lists" that I have a sieve on my mail server provider for. All incoming mailing list email is automatically moved to that folder on the IMAP server.

That folder is watched by a number of virtual folders in The Bat! to separate out the various mailing lists.  However, ideally, after 1 week I would like The Bat! filtering to move any older messages to an internal folder basically moving them off the IMAP server but still part of the virtual folder view to the user of The Bat!

I know how to setup the virtual folders, but no idea how to create intelligent filters that will only move messages existing in folder X to folder Y if relative date is > 7 days old. My largest concern here is that filters are applied on new messages only automatically and this is a maintenance function that I would want to be performed on all mailing list messages whether read or not.

Yes. Create a local archive folder. Then, right click on the mailing list folder. Under "General" select "Keep messages in base for (days)" and set that to 7. Then, go to "Deletion". Check "Use folder specific..." Under "Alternate deletion", use the "Move" option and specify your archive folder. Be sure "Use alternative deletion for purging this folder" is checked.
Where is 'Deletion'  I am trying to do a similar thing.  Archive old mail instead of trashing it. There is a general tab and additional, no Deletion tab.
All folders (except Inbox, Outbox, Sent Mail and Trash) have a 'Deletion' tab at the properties. For the four system folders the account settings for 'deletion' are used.
That's for POP3 accounts, don't know about IMAP.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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