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Send reply from command line possible?

I want to automate my mail processing by sending automatic replies to certain messages.

What I do is something like:
1. A filter in TB exports certain incoming messages as plain text files.
2. An app that I wrote processes these exported messages and automatically generates a file which is specific for the sender of each message.

3. -- this I don't know how to do --
I want to automatically generate a reply to each message , attach the file my app generated to it, and send it.

Now from command line it's possible to create a new message, attach a file to it and send it. But is there any way to create a reply to an existing message?

Thanks for any suggestions.
The only ways I can think of is to adapt your program so that it adds a the recipient(s) either in the commandline it uses to send the message or to use macros in the output file (like %To='"Intended recipient" <at address>') and use the output file as a template, that can be done from the command line.

Maybe it'll work if you export the message, run your own program as external action with the 'wait for completion' option enabled. And have a reply being set as final action of the same filter. This will only do when the execution of your external program isn't taking a very long time, as it would interfere with TB's mail collection.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks for the reply!
I did something like this, together with the msg text I also export sender address, subject and message id.
Then I dynamically generate a template which sets recipient = sender address, subject = Re:subject, and sets headers In-Reply-To and References = message id
Then I create a new message from this template, and it is effectively a reply - if I press CTRL+Backspace for the original message, TB finds the auto-generated one. The sender also sees it as a reply to his message.

I really love TB, you can do nearly everything after some digging :)
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