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Separate folder for each sender/recipient
Basically I would like to apply filters to BOTH incoming and outgoing mail, without needing to make the same filter twice (Incoming Mail + Outgoing Mail) for each sender/recipient.

I want all mails to *and* from Mr. A in a folder called Mr. A. Same for Mr. B, et cetera.

What would be the easiest way to do this? It seems I'd need a root folder for that on the left hand side in the Sorting Office, but I can't create one...
What you want to do cannot be done. There is no way with TB to have one filter acting both as an incoming and as an outgoing filter.
Not that it would do you any good of course, because the condition for your incoming and outgoing filter needs to be different. For incoming messages you need to match the Sender against your contact's address and for outgoing messages you need one of the recipients to match the address.

So you need two filters for your purpose.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Well, it would be a lot quicker to make one filter that says:

IF Sender=Contact Address OR Recipient=Contact Address, THEN move to A...

But at least I now know I'm not doing double work if I define two separate filters for this.

Thank you for your help!
Actually I do use the same filter for incoming and outgoing messages, but I do my filtering manually instead of automatically. I set the input to be "Header" rather than "Sender" or "Recipient" and put the filter into the Incoming category. Then when I reply, I right-click the "Sent Items" folder and choose "Re-filter," then check the "Incoming" check box on the first dialog before proceeding to the actual filtering. Works perfectly!
Perfect! That is just what I needed!

By defining Recipient OR Sender for Incoming and applying the Re-filter > Incoming Mail option on Sent Mail, I can do exactly as stated ;)

Thanks a lot!
How about if there is a check box in the filter creation that asks if we would like a Reciprocal filter created?  If I check: [] Create Reciprocal, then the opposite filter would be created when I save the filter. This is what the Sonicwall Firewall does :)

Creeating a Reciprocal Filter is easy, change the rule from From: to To: or vice versa and save it as an outgoing filter (or incoming if I am creating an out filter at the time)
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