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Some filters on Virtual Folders do not work
Hi !

I have an IMAP account and would like to filter mails from this account into different virtual folders.
I set up the virtual folders and see all mails in them - so far, so good.
Now I tried to use filters to decide where each mail should be displayed.  I would like to decide on one of 3 header fields: X-Original-To, Delivered-To & X-Envelope-To.
Version 2.12/2.13 did not allow me to react on headers only.  Version 3 (incl. latest beta) does, but it simply does not work.
I tried the "Comment" for version 2 & 3 (I think "Comment" relates to the RFC822 field "Comments" where I put some test data in).  But this does not work, too.
V3 regexp does not work, too.
And if I get anything in the virtual folder based on any filters then I need to refresh the virtual folder manually, even if it should automatically refresh.

So, did anybode manage to get filtering based on some header fields into virtual folders to work?  I cannot use the whole message as input text because it results in false positives.
This part of the software does not seem to work correctly!


Which version exactly did you try? Which beta version number?
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