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Use external data in a filter condition

I wonder if it's possible to use external data in a filter condition. For example to set a filter like

Header - contains - xxxxx

but instead of the hardcoded string "xxxxx" to use the content of a text file, so the filter to be actually something like

Header - contains - <the content of C:\test.txt>

I need this because we have several TB installs all using the same settings, but some filter conditions must be specific for each PC. From time to time I sync all the installations by just copying the whole mail folder from one PC to all the others - but after this, filters with PC-specific conditions must be modified on all the target PC's, which I want to avoid as this often leads to errors. So my idea is to keep all the filters the same and load PC-specific data from somewhere else.

Thanks for any suggestions.
IIRC You could do that with 'selective download' filters, I don't know whether they still offer that option as I don't use them.
Other filters don't offer that option.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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