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Loose my TBB inbox!!!
Somebody! Help me. I loose my TBB inbox. How I can repair this?
We need more information. What have you done to try to recover the folder?

Has the "Inbox" vanished from the tree?

Has the Inbox simply become empty?

Have you tried exiting The Bat!, deleting the index (tbi) file and restarting?

How many messages were in there?

If the Inbox is just gone, no repair is possible and The Bat! will create a new, empty one.

Please provide us with more information about your problem so that we can provide help.
ok ...
When i quit from Bat my computer reset and arhivation my inbox folder don't finish correctly.
Now my inbox have 130mb large (I copy my folder after problem). But inbox letters - 0.
I tri deleting the index (tbi) file and restarting - doesn't worked.
I tri - add folder in preferenses - doesn' worked.
I tri - TBMRec.exe - doesn't worket (this programm have find letters. bot they all have 0 large)

What can I do? ... sorry for may bad English. ... i tri everythink from this link/

To be quite honest with you.
130 MB is too big for a high traffic folder like the inbox. That's bound to cause problems like you've found out.
Next time it's better to move messages you'd like to keep to another folder and to configure the inbox to compress (really remove deleted messages) the inbox.

The solution for your problem is difficult, because deleting the .tbi file for the inbox most of the time solves the problem.
You try try these things:
Move the corrupted messages.tbb to another location.
Start TB
Now TB will create a new messages.tbb file for the inbox.
Tools - Import messages - From The Bat! messagebase (and point to your old .tbb file)

When that doesn't work, rename the messages.tbb to messages.uue and open it with WinZip.
WinZip will complain about some irregularities, but will open the file and will see all messages as .txt files (with sequential numbering), attachments will be seen as separate files.
Extract everything to disk
Rename all .txt fiules to .msg and import them into TB

Note that I mentioned WinZip as archiver, I've tried it with WinRar too, but that didn't work. So if your favourite archiver doesn't produce, try WinZip.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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