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Delete on server rule
I set up a Read messages rule to catch all messages in the Junk folder and Delete from server, but it doesn't do anything, although I see it is triggered. Does Delete from server actually work? Here is the scenario: Antispamsnipper (free version) puts spam in the Junk folder as unread. I want TB to delete the messages from the server when I mark them as read (I normally keep messages on the server for x days).

Any ideas? Thanks  
For those interested, I think I found what was wrong. The spam was stored in a common Junk folder. So, TB can't tell which account a spam came from, and it doesn't know which server it stored on, so it doesn't do anything. It could of course check across servers but it doesn't seem to do that. So, I changed the setup and now I use a Junk folder per account, so that TB knows. Well, that doesn't work either! So, here is a totally inelegant, yet effective workaround. Instead of a common filter to Delete on server, I set up per-account rules that copy the Read messages from the individual Junk folders to the relevant Trash. Then when I empty the Trash for an account those messages are deleted from the relevant server. If anyone knows how to get Delete on server to work in a rule, please share.  
honestly I don't think "Delete on server" works from TB.
I've been trying it for months now and never got it to work.
Even the check mark on Properties --> Mail Management --> Delete message from server when it's removed from Trash
I have similar issues as you and try few ideas. None work.
My setup is The Bat 3.99
I do have many different POP3 accounts
Each one has its own JUNK and Trash folders.
On my office (e-mail on 10 hours a day) I have the option to "Leave messages on server", so when I get home at night I can get all my daily e-mails.
But I would love to delete the JUNK from the server, so I would not get those again at home.
No luck. :(
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