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Delete on server rule 2, How to use the rule with AntiSpamSniper
I had a previous anti-spam software that runs out-site the bat and reclassify all my e-mails before bat receive it, then when one e-mail was 'junk' it was directed to the 'SPAM' folder and I had the 'Delete on server' rule for that folder working fine.

Now I installed AntiSpamSniper that is good because it's a pluggin working inside thebat, but it moves the messages to the 'Junk mail' folder w/o any way I can control to create the 'delete on server' rule.

How can I 'delete on server' any messages that goes straight to the 'Junk mail' after being classified by AntiSpamSniper?

Thank you
Create a colour group called spam.

Create a filter that checks for the source folder to be your junk folder and for the spam clour not to be set. Set as actions for this folder to delete from server and to set the colour group to spam.

Create an hourly recurring schedule in the scheduler and set the schedule to run your new filter against your junk folder.
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