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Are the filters accurate?, Are Bat's filters accurate?
I have been using Outlook. Problem is that filters quit working there, and there's a limit  too...but the main problem is that occasionally Outlook filters wrong.

I'm trying out Bat now.

The last time it filtered wrong, it cost me $8,000. OUCH.

Are the Bat filters always accurate?

I'm not talking about the mis-filtering because the filter is not set specifically enough. I can understand that.

I'm talking about having maybe a hundred filters and it always filtering according to the filters.

Will Bat ever take a filter that is supposed to filter the subject "coaching" and for example put it in a wrong folder because of program error?

Is Bat accurate enough to use for important business emails?

Thanks much,

Rick Prevatt
I've never had filters drop messages in another folder as the filter was supposed, so my guess is that they're always accurate and I've got over a hundred folders, each of them filled by their own (set of) filters.

The order of your filters can be very important. Suppose you've got three filters, one looking for 'toilet' in the subject, another looking for 'paper' in the subject and a third looking for 'toilet paper'. The order of the first two doesn't really matter, but the last filter should be positioned before (above) the other two, otherwise the message would have triggered one of the other two and will never reach the 'toilet paper' filter.
All of the times my filters behaved different from what I expected beforehand, were caused by me forgetting about other filters that did matter.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks, what little testing I have done has shown TB to be accurate, just thought I'd ask some people with more experience.
I read somewhere else that it is very important to have only a few messages in the Inbox. Is that true. IF so, what kinds of numbers are we talking about.
Obviously when things are working well, my filters filter out almost everything, and the rest is either deleted or filed manually, but sometimes the inbox does build up in messages.

OH it was Outlook that filtered wrong and cost me money, not the Bat.
It's hard to give a definite number of messages that you can keep in the inbox, currently I've 173 messages in my inbox and 111013 in my main account.

All incoming messages are coming through the inbox, whether they're filteed or not. That'll give a high number of write access actions to its message base. That offers lots of opportunities for things to go awry, especially with large files.
Therefore it's recommended to trim the the inbox down to size regularly and to compress it regularly too. (I'm doing so on exit.) As deleted and moved messages are only marked as deleted and are only removed from the message base files when you compress those.
(Outlook is working the same but that will ask you about compressing, TB presumes that you're old and wise enough to set your own preferred settings.)
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks everyone for the information. I'm getting pretty comfy with the filters now. They're working great! ;)  
I have set up some virtual folders with filters to show messages to and from specific email addresses.  So far none have been lost, but some of them show messages that are selected by other filters as well as the ones that they are supposed to.
1) Virtual folder John filters messages with sender and recipient john@domain.tld from folders in the WORK account.
2) Virtual folder Mary filters messages with sender and recipient mary@domain.tld and mary1@domain.tld from folders in the WORK account.
3) Virtual folder Doris filters messages with sender and recipient doris@domain.tld from folders in the WORK account.

However, virtual folder John also displays messages with sender and recipient doris@domain.tld. Clicking Refresh does not fix the problem.
However, virtual folder Doris sometimes also displays messages with sender and recipient mary@domain.tld. Clicking Refresh fixes the problem, but the incorrectly filtered messages sometimes reappear (maybe next time The Bat is started).

Has anyone else noticed this behaviour - is there a fix which doesn't involve deleting the filters and re-doing them?
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