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Emails from client sent to Junk (hotmail)
Hello Everyone

The following message relates to HOTMAIL AND MSN

I am having an issue that I can't seem to resolve and hope you would help out. I am using the latest version of the Bat to reply and send emails to my client. I also have a PHP script on my site that always me to contact my members from the browser as well.

Emails sent from the Bat (email client) are directly sent to JUNK MAIL. But emails sent from the PHP script on my site go to INBOX.

So the Bat is causing emails to go to JUNK MAIL.
What seems to have been misconfigured? How can I fix this problem?

MeenXo MeenXo writes:
So the Bat is causing emails to go to JUNK MAIL.

It's not theBat that causes mails to be sorted as junk, it's a misconfigured spam filter on the other(recipient) side.
Advise your client to add your email address to the list of trusted addresses.

In theBat, you can do the following to avoid such problems(not always, but in some cases):
-Options > Preferences > General - uncheck "Use X mailer...". Spam filters are suspicious to unusual headers.
-If the emails you exchange with your client are in English, use an us-ascii or iso-8859-1 charset(this can be set in the new message & reply templates, or manually for each message). If in another language, use utf-8 encoding.  
Many spam filters automatically classify as spam any message with an Asian(BIG5, EUC_KR, SHIFT_JIS etc.) or Russian(KOI-8, 1251 etc.) encoding specified in the headers.
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