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Virtual folders, How to select all folders in one account to be watched

I can’t figure out how to select all folders in one account to be watched automatically.

The problem is that I have more than 5 email accounts in TheBat! I want to set up virtual folder to watch specific messages (let's say according the text in memos or color groups) in just one account.

But when I go to properties of virtual folder, click on "select folders" and then click on "Select All", it actually selects all folders in ALL accounts. If I want to watch all folders just in one account I have to select all folders manually, which is very annoying since there is 3-level tree folder structure with more than 30 folders in it. Is there some way how to do it automatically?

if only one account is opened at the time you create the virtual folder, you should be presented a choice to select only folders which belong to that account, so hitting Select All shouldn't mark all accounts but only all the folders in the opened account.
Thanks for the response. How can I achieve to have just one account opened? I have 7 accounts in TheBat! and I didn't find an option to temporarily close some of them. There is only delete option. When I highlight one particular account and rightclick New - Virtual Folder...I am stil presented with all accounts in "Select Folders" and when I click Select all it sellect all folders in all 7 accounts (regardles of what I select). :(  
when account isn't expanded to see its folders in the accounts tree, it's closed and I can't choose folders.

But maybe this is only valid if accounts are password protected, as in my case. Don't know how theBat behaves if accounts don't require a password to be opened.
The accounts were never expanded when I was creating a virtual folder. How do you setup the password in order to  expand the account tree? Thanks.
'Account' menu -> 'Set access password'
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