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Bugs in Sorting Office / Filter, Layout issues with multiple criteria and filter-criteria in one rule
Hi there,

To put it directly: I'm having some issues using filters.


Consider the next screenshot I took (jpg file): jpg-image

In this image you see a somewhat disformed GUI of the Sorting Office (SO). It only appears this way when just opening the SO. After typing in a character, the GUI renders itself back to normal (which takes a few seconds though). The pictures below show the normal view.

This whole GUI-thingy is a bit nasty 'cause it makes me search a bit longer for that one specific rule amongst the hundred others in this filter :).


Again, a screenprint: image (jpg)

Here, on this picture, you see that I would like to create a rule which searches the text of the message for any of the words mentioned in this rule. That is: if one or more words match a word in the text, the rule will be applied.

Point is... this won't work. As do the other rules like:
- matches any of;
- contains any of;
- contains all.
(BTW: what is the difference between 'matches' and 'contains' ?)

Because of this, I now have to create a rule for each word and that is a bit annoying. Here is an example of how it is done at this moment: image (jpg)

As you can see, this can get a bit rough when I have about 100 words to add: I've got to make one rule for each word.

If there is a way to put those words in one rule, I'd love to hear it.
Also, it would be great if case-sensitivity could be disabled by choice. This is because I would like to filter out spam on base of commonly used words that are very determing for spam mails. But now I have to rewrite each word everytime again, only then with a capital at the beginning or the whole word in uppercase.


I would love to know a way of filtering a message when it only contains three characters and nothing more. A rule like "contains only" would suffice, I guess.
This might turn out to be nice rule, as I could wipe out all of those spam mails which only contain two or three characters in the text and a nasty attachment sent along.

Is it possible to implement a rule that will make the computer of a spammer explode when sending spam to me? ;)

For your information, below some system information.

The Bat! version: 4.0.14
OS: MS Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit

Thanx in advance for any efforts!

about Issue 2, use just "match" and separate words you look for with the pipe symbol |

Subject > match > pharmacy|pills|drugs|viagra

This works for me in v3.85.03 and I found it by trial & error.  What similar options like "matches any of" do and how they differ is still a mistery to me.

Just that is necessary. An interesting theme, I will participate. I know, that together we can come to a right answer.
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