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Please help me customise TB, Custoisation required for canned responses
Hi, TB is an amazing e-mail client!

That said I got it to do some specific tasks, but don't have the time for the steep learning curve. I started using TB beginning of 2007, but have hardly scratched the surface of using its powerful filters etc.

Is there any tutorial on how to set up unattended canned responses, filtering e-mails, plus utililizing many of its features? I am sure it can do more than I am using it for.

I would be willing to pay a capable person a nominal fee to customise it to suit my needs.

I hope this is the right place to make such a request.

Is there anyone out there willing to refer me to such a person?


if you want to automatically reply certain incoming messages, that's really easy. Just create a filter that will catch all the messages that should get a specific reply. Under Actions, select 'Send automatic reply', and adjust the template as you want.
That's all, I don't think some special tutorial is needed.
Thanks Bigg one,

The filters I can handle. I really want to get the very most out of the product. Implementing PGP on certain accounts, all incoming mail adding to address book, custom random messages at the end of em-mail etc. etc.

I found silverstone and it looks I can get all the help I need there with advance functions.


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