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Filter to non-visable account
Hi all,

My partner and I both use TB under separate XP logins.

I have set-up TB so I can see only my accounts and my partner can see only her accounts, although they reside in the same Windows folder.

I would like to be able to filter messages which arrive in my in-box to go to my partners in-box without the need for me to have her in-box visible on my side and vice-versa.

Is this possible?
you can't filter to a folder that is not defined in the current configuration.
But you may create a new common folder that is visible from both accounts, and filter what's for her in that folder. Then she may move the messages from the common folder to her inbox.
Thanks for the reply bigg one.

Would it be possible to filter messages upon opening TB so that, for example, when I open my copy any messages which are in the 'Common' folder automatically move to my folder and show as unread?

don't think this is possible, filters are triggered either on receive/send, or manually with a hotkey. But it shouldn't be much trouble to select all & move to inbox manually.

In fact there is a way to move emails from common folder to inbox at startup. You may use a .bat file with a command that exports messages from common folder, followed by another that imports them into inbox, followed by another that deletes exported .eml/.msg files and deletes the .tbb file for the common folder. But you should start theBat with the .bat file, not directly, and this seems just too complicated, when you can manually move the messages.

BTW the common folder scenario maybe needs 2 common folders - one for mails you redirect to her, and one for mails she redirects to you.

And if you can recognize the messages to redirect with a filter, you can simply set an action in that filter to forward or redirect the messages to her.  
You could set a recurring scheduled task to refilter messages.
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