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Can't get Filtering - Run External Program to do what I need.
I am really struggling with the "Run External Program" portion of the bat.

I need to:
1) Extract the attachment from the message.
2) Run my external program against the attachment.

Sound easy? Look what happens.....

If I put BOTH Extract and Run External Program in one filter, the xtract works perfectly but the Run External Program does not trigger.

If I ONLY put Run External Program in my filter it triggers, but I cannot pass the attachment name to the external program.

If I pass %1 I get batxxx.tmp passed to my program.

If I pass %attachments to my external program, I get "<none>" passed to the program. There is an HTML file and an Excel spreadsheet listed as attachemnts. (I really only want the .xls file, but I'll deal with that in my app)

I don't see another way to accomplish what I want unless I run my external program without passing any parameters and then have my external program scan the directory and build a filename array. This will work, but The Bat! already has the filename (it just wrote it to the hard drive during the extraction) so it should be easy to get the filename passed to my external program. Also, there are many advantages to having the Bat! pass information it already knows to the external program.

I am hoping someone can show me how to make this work!


If I pass %attachments to my external program, I get "<none>" passed to the program.

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