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Spam filter does not work, Spam filter does not work
I am using K9 as a anti-spam software; it flags the spam messages by adding the following string: ****[Spam]**** in the "Subject" field on the mail
I have created a filter in TheBat! that moves the messages to the Trash folder when the string [Spam] is read in the mail Subject folder.
This has worked perfectly well during years; the, I had recently to change my hard disk and reinstall the whole software; actually I had a backup of all my TheBat! files, that I have copied onto the new disk after the software was reinstalled.
K9 is working well, all my other filters are working well, and my Trash filter does not
I do have 3 "orphan filters" in the list, that I cannot delete or edit
Please help
The first ting I'd try would be to create a backup with TB of the account properties and restore that afterwards. That might get rid of the orphaned filters.
When you've done that create a new filter to delete the messages marked as spam by K9.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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