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Disappearing Filters, every time I close The Bat the filters get deleted
Well, I configured the filters and they were working for a while,but
suddenly I noticed taht the filters do not work. I went to the sorting
office menu and there were NO filters. I re-configured the filters
(annoying stuff) and re-filtered the messages - and they worked fine.
Next time I opened the Bat the filters were gone again!
I upgraded to version but the problem is still there and the
filters do not work!

HELPPPPP!!!! :!:
Looks like a rights issue to me.
Either you've restored TB from CD and your accounts.srb file is read only or the Windows user account you're using hasn't proper rights to add/alter files in your account directories.
What's the time/dat stamp on your account.srb files? (You should have one in all of your account directories and one in your mail directory.)
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thank you so much. I was wondering which files are responsible for filters. I had the same idea, like you said that the file which contains filter information is read only.
Well, the .srb file in my Bat contained some weird text about some country's economy (i didn't bother reading it at all). How this happened is a real mystery for me. Anyway, I have overwritten the corrupted .srb file with the .srb file from my mail backup copy and now I see the filters are there when I open sorting office.

Should I now apply read only attribute to the srb files to avoid what already happened to them?

Thanks again.

Cheerz! :D  
No - unless you are confident that your filters are static and you won't be adding / removing / changing any
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