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Sorting office: send message immediately
I have set up a filter to automatically send an e-mail when another mail matching some condition is received.  Everything works, except the actual sending of the created mail.  It is put in the outbox, but it does not get sent, unless I manually "send queued mail".

In the account properties, "delivery type" is set to "immediate" and in the options tab of the filter "send generated messages" is also set to "immediately".

I'm using The Bat! 4.1.11 on Windows XP SP3.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

Edited: erha - 21 April 2009 18:53:21
I use the similar filter and it works OK, also I'm with v. 4.1.11.
I suggest the following: Just check Account-Properties-Transport-Combined delivery(Send+receive) option.
Set Account Periodical checking, for example - 5 min. and this is it.
Niki Cankoff
Thank you for your reply, Nikolay.

Your approach seems to work. I use "synchronise folders every x minutes" since it's an IMAP account.

Still, this is a work around and the "send immediately" feature is buggy, right?
I tested the feature on my PC and everything is working perfect, even when the Combined delivery(Send+receive) is not checked.
My filter is:
when sender contains ..... actions: Create new message

Everything is working well.
Niki Cankoff
I use the Scheduler to check & send email instead of periodical checking every so often makes it easy to stop any checking/sending of emails when doing backup/maintenance work with over 10 email accounts set up.
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