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Delete SPAM from the server filter, the "Delete the message from server" command do not work for me.
The filter command to 'Delete the message from server' seams that is not working for me.

I have it in a manual filter, that I try to use in my 'JUNK' folder.

from my notebook, all messages are left on the server, from my home all messages are deleted from the server.
But I would like to delete the messages that are classified as a JUNK from my 'client-side spam filter', on my notebook, so it will not be re-delivered again at my home computer.

The filter is suppose to 'delete from the server' every single messages that is on my 'JUNK' folder. It goes over all messages, but doen't delete from my server.

What could be wrong on this setup? it's a pretty simple filter: just if the 'Source folder' is = JUNK, 'delete the messages from server'.

any ideas?
Your JUNK folder wouldn't be a common folder, would it? When you store files in a common folder all associations with the opriginating account are lost and under such conditions 'delete from server' wouldn't work anymore.
Apart from that, some servers like Gmail's don't support the DELE command for pop3.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
I will check with my server if they support or not DELE.
and no, I do not move the JUNK to a commom folder. Every account has it's own JUNK folder.

Thank you till now :)
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