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copy mail folder
can anyone help me with this one
i copy my mail folder only to another drive as i was fomatting my c drive hoping to save all my emails.i have copy the mail folder back into thebat folder where i got it from in the first place,  
now i dont know how to get them back in after i install the bat again. i have got 5 accounts in this folder
hope someone can help me :|  
Actually, another drive than C: is the best place for your messages, just because C: is the most vulnerable.

If you want to access your old accounts:
Install TB again,
Tell it you'd like to create new accounts.
TB will ask for your new mail directory, pick the directory with your old accounts.
Install a new account and give it the name of your old account, TB will pick up that account info and message base.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
thanks Roelof for your help.
I did what you said but all my old emails did not come back.This is how I did it
C:\Program Files\TheBat\MAIL\dogface
and also
C:\Program Files\TheBat\MAIL
thanks for your help :D  
Anyone know how I can get all my old messages back That I saved. I did what Roelof said to do. When I tryed it,all my settings comes up that I had before eg: Username,email address and so on but no messages.So I am half way there.
thanks :cry:
For each account, select 'Properties', goto Files & Directories.
See what's your 'Home Directory' - if it says something like <default>, click the Browse button and choose a folder. Then stop TB and put the folders you have backed up into this folder. Then start TB and it will likely read them - if not, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L, which will force it to add any folders under the home dir.

Another way is to create the folders manually in TB - they will appear under the home dir. Then in each of them put the backed-up .TBB and .TBI files (or maybe start with just the .TBB's first)
Thank you "bigg one" what you said worked, I have now got all my emails back, I didnt haveto use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L.  And I worked how to get my address back as well. Thank you once again ;)   :)  
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