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Disappearing Emails, Emails disappearing when read from server

I am having a problem with emails that are dissappearing from the server when downloaded by The Bat.
I know they are on the server (using webmail) but they dissappear with no trace. It appears that the bat is deleting them off the server and not storing them.
The emails I have seen dissappear all are legit emails and have filters to sort them into appropriate folders.
They do not appear in the log file.
I clear 5 accounts automatically when theBat starts.
Any ideas??
I can think of the following possibilities:
1) You're using a 'selective download' filter and tyhat gets somehow triggered by those messages.
2) The messages trigger an incoming filter, that's not intended for those messages, but deletes them anyhow.
In this case you should be able to read them by selecting 'browse deleted messages' while you're in your Inbox, you can undelete them by pressing 'delete'.
3) The messages get caught by your spam or virus plug-in, the messages shouldend up in your Junk or Quarantine folder.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Hello Roelof

Thank you for your comments, however
1) The message is not moved into any other folder. All my filters move messages.
2) I do not use delet in any filters
3) The messages do not appear in the junk or the trash folders.
The messages do not appear in the log files either. I would have thought if they were being moved or deleted by filters, they should show as being downloaded in the log file, but they just don't seem to exist. If I had not seen them prior to downloading, I would never know that they existed.
All emails are previewed using mailwasher before being downloaded. They are not being deleted by Mailwasher as far as I can tell.
I am using AVG 7.0 antivirus plugin.
Best regards,
Further to the above, I have set up all accounts to leave mail on the server for two days. This usually happens, but at times, all or some of the mail on the server is being deleted but nothing shows in the log file.
best regards, :(  
What happens when you don't use Mailwasher?
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Mailwasher has no effect.

I have now set theBat to delete the emails off the server after 2 days, plus I have set up forawrding on the server to forward the emails to another account.
I observed a situation this morning where an email was on the server on both accounts, but not downloaded on account A. It was not deleted,  but behaved as though the email had already been downloaded which was not the case.

It looks as though there is a problem where theBat thinks it has downloaded an email, but hasn't and either doen not download it or deletes it.

It also seems to predominantly with one domain (several accounts) the problem has not been observed with a different domain (different server) Could there be a compatibility issue??

If it would help, I can set you up your own address on this domain so that you can experiment.

Best regards,
When a client tells the server that the messages have to stay, the server is supposed to issue an UIDL to each message. Next time the client checks, it sees a number of known UIDLs that are skipped or deleted (depending on their age) and the client downloads the new messages.

However, some server(version)s are messing with their UIDLs after they're being accessed by another client type (IMAP webmail), thus causing the POP3 client to be wrong about the status of some/all messages.

Does the problem occur when you don't leave messages on the server?
Does it occur when you're using another client?

If it would help, I can set you up your own address on this domain so that you can experiment.

That would only make sense when you anser my two questions with 'no'.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.

I do not use imap.

I do not have the problem if I use outlook, outlook express, or Eudora.

If I do not leave the messages on the server, some disappear when thebat is used to download the messages from the pop server.

If I specifiy to leave the messages on the server for a couple of days, I have seen two effects. a) some messages have been deleted when the pop server was accesed by thebat and b) some messages on the server are not downloaded by thebat.

This is an intermittent problem. It does not happen all the time, but would apply to perhaps three or four messages a day out of say 50 odd messages. i.e. possibly 1 in 20, but usually the messages that I need the most. It also seems to be predominently messages from particular senders, but I am not sure what the common link is. It also seems to occur only on particular servers as well as though there is something about the headers that is causing the problem. When it happens, there is no mention of the message in question in the log file.
I do not normally leave messages on the server, but have gone down this track in order to ensure that I catch all wanted emails.
Best regards,
In that case I might see whether it's reproducable on my system, contact me via private mail to discuss the particulars.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Help needed.
Even though I have triple-checked all filters and basically de-activated them, all my incoming emails go straight to the trash can. very annoying.
a) I receive first-contact emails so they can't be in my address book,
b) i don't want hundreds of contacts in my address book.
Besides, I think they even go to trash no matter whether they are in my address book or not.

So what can I do? Anything I overlooked?

When your mail goes straight to Trtash, it has to be a filter. Without your posting all of your filters here I can't say anything sensible about it.

What you can do, is close TB, move the account.srb files from your mail directory and your account directory to a safe location. In case you've upgraded from v1 or v2 you might encount account.srx files in the same locations, they can be deleted, not doing so would mean that TB will translate them to new .srb files. Now you restart TB and as there are no filters anymore, the trashing should stop. If it doesn't stop then it's no filter, but maybe a plug-in.
You can restore your filters by replacing the account.srb files while TB is closed, don't mind the fact that you've got to overwrite the files, because when TB misses them at start-up, it'll re-create empty ones.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks, Roelof, will try this.

Have a nice evening,
I have the same problem as Marke Empson

I know this has pretty much been covered, but without trying to offend anyone  :D

Are you sure there are no anti-virus or anti-spam plugins or settings enabled anywhere? It may even be a rogue filter that is being overlooked.

I onced knew someone who insisted they had no such settings/plugins running, but they were so adamant that they were not checking every detail fully and on closer inspection they had overlooked a filter they set up once but forgot about because it never seemed to work, however at a later time it was moving some messages that did qualify and it was bewildering as they had totally forgotten and overlooked this old filter.

Like I say, not trying to offend anyone as I am sure you have checked thoroughly if you say you have, it's just that sometimes problems become so irritating and time consuming we can be blinded to smaller details.

I haven't had any problems with messages being deleted/moved on their own and I would have thought the forum would have been full of posts if it was a bug in TheBat itself, but then maybe we just haven't noticed.... :o  
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