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Filter for single recipient, Activating filter when there's only one recipient
This is my problem: I can't seem to be able to create a filter that would filter the message only when there's ONE recipient (including CC and BCC), but with variable e-mail addresses. In filter terms, what I need would look something like:

Recipient | contains only one address
Recipient | contains any of | <list of addresses>

Anyone know how to do this?
The second condition is easy.
Put all of those addresses in a address book group and make the condition:
Address groups -> name your group -> contains -> first recipient

The first condition however is tricky, I guess you'd need to use some regular expression for that, make it something like:
Recipient -> does not match -> .*@.*@.*
Can't test that at the moment, so you'd need to do that yourself.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Well, the main problem was that there are two ways to send one mail to multiple recipients - by adding them to CC: header, or sending to multiple TO: addresses, separated by commas. I needed to cover both these cases, while still maintaining a filter for one-on-one e-mails. I've solved it for now, by using the "To:" and "CC:" header field checking. Thanks anyway.
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