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Cant get Filters to work for the "Created" Header
I am trying to sort my email based upon the contents of the Header Field "Created"  I want to do this because i need to put my incoming mail in different folders based upon the time zone of the person emailing me (0400,0700, etc).  Created is present as a viewable header when you look at a piece mail in your inbox but for some reason Created is missing from Header Fields drop down box in the Filters-Conditions section.  How can i filter my mail based upon the contents of this header field?

I've spent hours trying different things and i cant get anything to work.
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How about a filter condition like
Time of -> creation -> ..
I just tried your suggestion but it doesnt allow me to pick out the timezone code which will be in the form -0400 or -0700 in the header.

Edit:  But your method might suit my needs in another way.  Thanks a bunch!

Still hoping someone can tell me how to sort based upon the timezone code in the "Created" header though.
Edited: Jwerano Jackman - 03 October 2009 21:34:13
In fact I do not see a header named 'Created'
May be you mean 'Date' - it contains time zone info, so to look for -0400 to -0700 make a filter like
Header field -> Date -> match -> -04|-05|-06|-07

Another way could be to do a regex search for the entire message source.
Note that any date/time/offset info is not guaranteed to be correct.
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