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Reflexive Filter Tool, Creating EXACTLY OPPOSITE filters
I would give my left nut for a Reflexive Filter button on the Create Filter dialog box.

In my dreams, the Reflexive button would take any filter you were looking at and instantly create the opposite filter.

If you were looking at an incoming filter, this button would create an identical outgoing filter, and simply move the criteria from the sender field to the recipient field.

Likewise, if you were looking at an outgoing filter, it would instantly move the recipient value to the sender field and create the incoming filter.

I couldn't find anything in the API that would connect me to the filtering system.
right click a filter on the left -> sel ect Copy Tree -> paste it elsewhere.
This will copy both conditions and actions.
With Copy, you can copy only conditions or only actions.

Then just change Sender to Recipient fr om the drop-down.
Although your suggestion will accomplish the goal, you're not getting my left nut until it's a single click solution! :)

Thanks for the tip!
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