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.tbk files, I can't restore a backup of a .tbk file.
Ok, I unstalled the bat a few weeks ago. I have a file that is a .tbk extension saved. A few days ago, I purchased the bat pro(same as I had before, but with updates I assume).  I didn't upgrade..just bought the license. Now, I go to restore and the .tbk file won't open. This has all of my filter and triggers which I can't seem to recreate on my own. How can I open this file? :o
Tools -> Restore -> Add -> browse to your .tbk
and sel ect what you want to restore

Keep in mind that backups created by v 4.0 and before cannot be opened by v 4.1 and up, due to a change in the message base format. So if your backup is fr om v4.0 or older, first install v 4.0, restore the backup and then upgrade to the most recent version, that will cdonvert your message base properly.
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