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Please add this Filter before I explode with Rage (lol), this is important
This feature really needs to be available in the bat

- Only trigger filter a maximum of ONE TIME per sender address, this will prevent the same filter from being triggered on multiple occasions and thus sending the same message over and over

for example: When somebody says "X" to me from craigslist, and the recipient contains, it responds with a sequence of 4 emails, all with time delays.

For whatever reason, it sometimes sends 4, and other times it will send 8 (2 duplicates of each message) and sometimes it'll send TWELVE.  Why would it do something like this? Why is it using the same filter 3 times rather then one?

Other example:

Your filtering by a particular word, say "picture"

Well If YOUR previous response to them uses the word picture and they write you back, even if they don't mention the word "picture" again it'll still pick up what I SAID last and then run that same filter.

There are many reasons to implement this filter or tell me a solution before I explode with rage AHHHHH!!!  :oops:
Regarding to issue 1, you're missing something. TB's filters don't trigger on e-mail addresses, but they're triggered by messages. So you've got to count for yourself whether the filter has replied to to someone or or not.
Easiest way to do so is by adding an extra action and an extra condition to your filter.
The extra action would be to add the address of your contact to an address book group (that you've created especially for this purpose) The extra condition would be to check whether the contact is in the extra address book group.
Both options are currently available.

With regard to issue 2: Somebody posted a solution to that after your previous post to that question. So read th responses to your questions please.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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