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What to do when "%TEXT", More than 32766 characters
I've got a filter that passes "%SUBJ" and "%TEXT" to an external app for additional processing. I noticed that out of 905 messages that were filtered, only 901 actually launched the app.

After doing some testing, it appears that TheBat is having trouble passing "%TEXT" as a parameter when the body of the message is larger than 32766 characters. I believe this is a Windows limitation and probably not TheBat's fault, but I'm wondering if there's a way around this?
I guess you use action 'Run external program', and pass %TEXT as a command line parameter?
If so it's probably a Windows limitation.
A workaround may be to export the message to file, like to C:\test\%OFromAddr.txt
Then put a second action to run the external app with C:\test\%OFromAddr.txt parameter.
You should modify the app a bit so that when the parameter is a path, to open & read the file.
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