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New Filters, How to create new filters
Is there a way to create new filters?  I would like one that adds comments after filtering.  I would also like to know what to do to add and subtract with numbers in comments.  Basically, this means like adding the comment: 1, 2, 3... to a received message so that when a automated reply is generated, it will be different messages depending on how many times the sender has sent me a type of email.  For example: 1- thanks for the tip! 2- I appreciate the followup, but I have already recieved a similar email.  3-  Please stop mailing me these messages.  Ect.  Thank you!
You don't need to create a new filter so much as use some interesting quick template macros.

For one thing, it has long been a basic precept of The Bat! that incoming messages cannot be modified in any way.

Instead, you can forward the message to yourself using filters and modify the areas you need changed in the forwarding template.

For counting, you can use the "export" action to extract message data / current counts into a count file and use the %CALC macro in the template to increment numbers.
That helps a lot.  I was wondering where the comment is when editing a forwarded message...  i couldn't find a macro for it.
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