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HTML + Macro at the same time
I understand that there have been a few old threads discussing about this topic, but
now that we are onto TBv5.0, i am wondering if such feature is possible.

I have a long URL that i want to include in my message and would like it to show "click here" instead,
example as follow:

<*a href=""> CLICK HERE </a*>

Now, because i have around 100 different links, so at the same time, I am using a %COOKIE="c:/url.txt" macro, to pull
the above html link from a file. In general, I am using both macro + HTML together at the same time.

I have tried this myself, but the message seems to show the entire HTML codes above, and not simply "CLICK HERE"

P.S: (I put the * above on purpose for this desmonstration so this post will the actual HTML code)

Please advise. Thanks in advance.
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Can someone please help me with this? I have been waiting for an answer for more than a week now.
Thanks in advance. Appreciated!
Don't know if what I'm going to post would help you (never use this feature, myself.)

Just tried the following method and was able to allocate a 'Click here' parameter to hyperlink any desired URL of any length:-
In a new message navigate to 'Utilities' >>====> 'Insert' >>====> 'Insert a link...'

On the window that opens up, type 'Click here' on the first field (Text). Next type your 'desired URL' in the second field (URL).

(^ _^)

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