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Problems with generic e-mail-account
We have a generic account which several people are using. My aim is to write a template in which I automatically add a generic name from the address book (e-mail-address) and an individual name of the local account.

So I want something like
%generic name
%individual name

If I have in my local account the name set to my individual name then I could use


But then my individual name will be set as alias for the sender. This is not what I want. The sender should be the generic name.
If I add still
%FROM="generic name"
then it works well on the first view. But only for quick templates.
If I want to use it for a template for 'New messages' then I have the problem that the individual name will be overwritten by generic name as soon as I leave the header area.

Next try was to set a local variable and use it in a global template:
%_INDIVIDUALNAME="individual name"%-

This works fine for normal addresses. But since we have also templates set in the global addressbook I cannot set an individual name since it would be valid for everyone.

How do I solve my problem?

Is there a way to persuade TheBat! not to write the following sender structur:
Name <e-mail-adress> (organisation)

Is there any way to set a variable to an account which is not visible by standard (like name & organisation)
Edited: Holger Holger - 26 January 2012 10:34:43
I use now the accountname to store the data within 2 '#'


But is there no other way?
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