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Can I define quick steps (actions)?
In Outlook 2010 there is a very nice feature of "quick steps". I can click "Done" on a message and it will get moved to another folder and marked read simultaneously. In Thunderbird I have to do this manually, which is annoying when I process a bigger quantity of emails. What about The Bat! Can I automate such things? How?

The help on Macros is very poor. No introduction, no general information, just reference of some commands. Where should I look for more a better learning material?
For info about filters you can go to the FAQ (in TB's menu Help -> FAQ) or go straight to the filter section of the FAQ:

There is no 'Done' button in TB, but you can create a filter that marks the message as read and moves it to your 'Done' folder. If you assign a hotkey to that filter, like Ctrl S then you only need to press Ctrl S for your Done-filter.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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