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Need to make a Template which applies to anyone in a particular Address Book
I Need to make a Template which applies to anyone in a particular Address Book.
I have three different books. One in particular is a group to which I belong. Unless I had some other Template which could take precedence,  I would like the default Template to reflect a certain E-Mail address I use just for that group.

How can I assign one email address of mine to anyone who is in that Address Book such that if they write,  when I hit "Reply", my address will be the desired email account of mine?

In the address book properties you can define templates that are to be used when the recipient is part if that address book. Note that these address book templates take precedence over account templates, they aren't add ons. So in your case it's not merely that you set your from address in the address book templates, but that you define the full template. And you need to do that for the new message template, the reply template and the forward templates. Apart from the defining of the from address they can be exact copies of your account templates.
The way to set the account in your template is with this macro %Account="The name of the account as it appears in the account tree pane"%-

Address book templates take precedence over other templates or to be exact: individual address book templates take precedence over address group templates, those take precedence over folder templates and if all other templates are lacking the default account template will be used.

When using address book templates you first set the recipient and only after that you type the message, that's something to remember with new messages. With replies that's done automatically. ;-)
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Hi Roelof.
I looked high and low for Templates at any outer level of the address books, not the people listed. I saw no place to make a template.

clues svp ?
Open the address book (by pressing F8)
The address book shows two panes, left a list of groups (and the address books where you find those groups), right the entries in the selected group.
Pick one of those groups in the left pane, right mouse button, properties and you'll get a pop-up with tabs say general, new message, reply, forward and memo. The middle three are templates.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
On the left I see three yellow-ish folders with names. Touch one and to the right column I see the large list of contacts and emails.

Right Click for properties on the three on the left, which Id done earlier today, yields two tabs: General and LDAP

General says "Personal address book. Then  there is a "Stored in file: which shows a folder in \users\me\appdata\roaming\The Bat!\'''''''

You get the idea.

Now though I see that these are not groups because I just selected the make-new-group and did see that which you refer.

So, one has to ask if when I upgraded The Bat!sometime if my addy books didn't get ported correctly.

Nonetheless, I seem to be screwed on this one.
Those are address books, not address book groups.
If you've got all of the addresses in the same AB (Address Book) then the remedy is easy.
Create a new AB group in the same AB
Sel ect all addresses and drag them to the new group. If you've got more addresses in the same AB then you need to select them more carefully.

You mention upgrading TB, in previous versions the AB has been organized in the same way, some of my AB groups did exist in v1 and they were upgraded just fine during the various upgrades.

If you mean portiung fr om another client to TB, not all clients see AB groups the same way as TB.
Outlook Express had something it called Address groups, but those were single entries that had lots of addresses. When a contact changed his address, then you had to change his address both in the group and in his personal entry.
TB's groups are more like a lable. You put a contact in your address book and if if necessary you assign him to one or more address groups. So when his address changes you only change his personal info and all address groups that he belongs to are updated automatically.
The only important thing is that some options like address book templates can give challenging results when a single address occurs multiple times in your address book(s)

I hope this makes things clear.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
The Upgrade was back in May when I remembered to get back into The Bat!.  I imported from Thunderbird.

What I have done now, following your lead I believe, is to make 4 Groups in one of the previous 4, what you name,  "Address Book" UNDER/Inside one previous Address-Book named "Personal Address Book.

  • Personal Address Book
    • Personal.....(contains most of those below
    • Biz................(not in another except Personal)
    • Horses........(not in another except Personal)
    • Dogs............(not in another except Personal)

I then went to the original The Bat! yellow folder (Address Book) for each respective new GROUP and copied all in the former into the latter. After verifying that the addresses now appeared in the new GROUP, I deleted the former Address-Book.

The trouble, as yo envisioned, is that I have multiple addresses by virtue of nearly all addresses are in the new Personal because when I was in Thunderbird, I eventually discovered how to add a new address into the former groups rather than default to the old Thunderbird "Personal Address Book".

Is there an easy way to remove-duplicates? That is, I wish to remove addresses in the "Personal" Group which are also in a different "Group" other than Personal.

Thanks for the help too.
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