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I will pay for plugin, which will run "read filters" after the message is read
I will pay anybody for programming the plugin, which will run "read filters" after the message is read.

Until version, this function was included in TB! Now, in the 5.x version, it is not. Or only via messages marked as read after viewed for a given time, or by pressing Smartspace - this works now too.

But I want it to work ANYTIME the message is marked as read. For example, I have set my own keyboard shortcut for marking message as read, because Ctrl+M is bad for me.

Example: A have an unread message. The focus is on it. I press Ctrl+Space (my own shortcut to mark it as read) and the message moves to another folder because of "read messages filter" I set previously (BTW, the filter checks sender address). That is all.

I am highlighting this issue for months on TB! bugtracker, but without any comment from Ritlabs :o So I will pay somebody who can write this as a plugin. You can choose payment by Paypal or any other option. I can send it through Elance too.

I hope it will not be difficult. Send your offer to, please.

Thanks in advance.
I agree about the read messages filter.  It used to work fine and they changed it.  They claim because people marked it as read which triggered the filter.  Isn't that the point.  It was a terrible modification.  They should have left it alone.  I didn't understand their explanation.  Let's write them to get it restored.  I will and I hope many others will as well.
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