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Can't get Macro to find specific text in the body.
Hello Forum,
I get e-mails that have hundreds of [Variable: Value] lines in them

I am looking for just one line, it looks like this:
Name: FirstName LastName

There are two spaces between Name: and the name.
The message is an HTML message, and the two spaces between Name: and FirstName are actually   and a real space, the lines ends with a <BR>

When I view source I see this:
Name:  FirstName LastName<BR>

Now you know what I am working with. I have searched and searched and found limited examples and no explanations on how to do this.

Here is what I put in the reply template:

Hello %SubPatt="2",

The only thing I see in the reply is "Hello ,"

I know it must be simple, it seems like there are only three of us who couldn't figure it out!

You help would be most appreciated.
Edited: Jason Gottschalk - 24 January 2014 07:30:52
Hello, %SUBPATT="2",
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