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Quick template questions, How do I use a Quick Template for 'Reply All' - and - How do I include only selected text in a Quick Template?
I'd like to be able to use a Quick Template for a 'Reply All' message - but selectively, not all the time.  I can do this for a reply to only the sender, but not on a 'Reply All'.  Is there a way to do that?

Somewhat related, whenever I include a %quotes macro in a Quick Template, it quotes the complete message rather than only the selected text.  Is there a way to create a Quick Template that only includes the selected portion of a message?
I posted this question 6 months ago.  As I mentioned in another post, I left The Bat! (partly because of non-response to this question) but have returned.  Can anybody help me with these two issues?  I would think others would want to do the same.
I have solved the first part of my question.  By searching through the readme.txt (change log), I found the following entry for version 1.48(!):

- Fixed substitution of addressed into address-related macros (e.g. %TO="%OTOLIST"%TO="%OCCLIST" that nearly emulates "Reply To All")

I was able to get what I wanted by putting the following line in my quick template:

The %OCCLIST macro does not appear in the macros list within the template editor.

Can my status now be upgraded from "Beginner"? :)
I have found no macro that allows inserting selected text. I share your desire to be able to do what is easy in any other email client: do selective content response to all. The only workaround I've found is using %QUOTECLIPBOARD in my reply template and always copying to clipboard before clicking a reply icon. That works quite well, but it's clumsy. I wish you well in pursuing a better solution.
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