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@Arial Unicode MS 14pt on all blank lines in template, @Arial Unicode MS 14pt on all blank lines in template
If I add a blank line to a template, no matter what I set the font to, the blank line will be @Arial Unicode MS 14pt

Is there a way around this?  I am trying to format my reply template with a few blank lines. All the blank lines have a different font, and it is annoying me.

This happens if I use the enter key to enter a new line or if I use the %NEWLINE macro.  If I highlight the entire templet and set it to (for example) Courier New 9pt, everything uses Courier New 9pt EXCEPT the blank lines!

So frustrating :(

Is there a cure?
Yes. I get that a lot when a line in the template is malformed (I forgot the "%" or something like that)
Check and address book templates you might have including group templates, folder templates, account templates etc and see where that "@Arial Unicode MS 14p" exists
Finally sorted this out.

First off, The blank lines or %Newline() in the account templates get their formatting from: Options/Preferences/ViewerEditor/Profile Layout.

This is nuts, but it's the way it is.

Second, The Account/Properties/Templates/New and Reply fonts must match the fonts under Options...... if you want them the same, and you cannot use any font with "@" at the front.
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