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Forward to specific address by mouse click

I am looking for a method to forward messages to a fixed address and to mark them as read by clicking just one button.

You need a manual filter ACCOUNT / SORTING OFFICE FILTERS
Create one that forwards the message then deletes it. When prompted add the email addresses separated by commas and optionally clear out the "Message forwarded from" stuff and replace it with %TEXT which will basically forward the message in tact
Then assign it a hot key and make sure it is set to only process with that hot key (self explanatory when you get in there - second tab)
You can also add things below the text such as

%ACCOUNT="Rick Micfo"
%TO="Books Micfo Group <>"
%BCC="r-1 <list>"

In this case leave out the TO line and have it in the FORWARD To window but BCC others (that is an address book group)

IF you have a set of people to whom you always forward, make a group in your address, give it a "handle" such as my "r-1"
Put that in the TO field or create a BCC under the %TEXT macro

Address book groups: UNCHECK the hide button when creating the group. Then create an email to that group, COPY the address that appears, go back to your filter and paste it in. You might be able to type it all in correctly, but if you are like me, doing it that way will save some tim

Please post back with any problems or the results if it works. Others may have the same need
Rick, he said "clicking a button" so maybe he wants to click a toolbar icon rather than press a key?
Is there a way to assign the execution of a filter or quick template to a button on the toolbar?
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