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Help with special command Macro, Creating an automatic reply
Working on a automatic reply to customer orders coming into Bat,

If  %OFromFName  give you the First Name of that customer, and put it on the reply email,

How can I get and how is it written for "Order Id:  46599565, as the order id number is a variable?

My order comes in with different Order Id: and I need to add that line to reply email.

Help is appreciated

If the order-ID is in the subject line of the incoming message, you could use %SUBJ.

If it is somewhere in the message text, I think you would have to use a 'regular expression' search (regex) which finds the order-ID in the incoming order and puts it in your reply. I've never done this and I'm useless with regex, but I suspect you'll have to use the %REGEXPTEXT="regexp" macro command (where 'regexp' is the expression that finds your order-ID).
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For example,


will match the first integer of arbitrary length in your message text, i.e. 46599565 in your example, if it is the first number.

If in the subject, you should be able to achieve the same with %SETPATTREGEXP="expression" and %REGEXPMATCH="text".
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