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Help with special command Macro, Creating an automatic reply
Working on a automatic reply to customer orders coming into Bat,

If  %OFromFName  give you the First Name of that customer, and put it on the reply email,

How can I get and how is it written for "Order Id:  46599565, as the order id number is a variable?

My order comes in with different Order Id: and I need to add that line to reply email.

Help is appreciated

If the order-ID is in the subject line of the incoming message, you could use %SUBJ.

If it is somewhere in the message text, I think you would have to use a 'regular expression' search (regex) which finds the order-ID in the incoming order and puts it in your reply. I've never done this and I'm useless with regex, but I suspect you'll have to use the %REGEXPTEXT="regexp" macro command (where 'regexp' is the expression that finds your order-ID).
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