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making the sender's name searchable when he sends with only the email addy
Hi, first post on this forum section, not sure if this is better here or the normal config area.

When I receive email from an email address as the sender, with no name,  if it is my address book, it shows the Name as the Sender in the View modes. Not the email  address.  Normally that is helpful.

However, if I search on that name, the message does not show up, because only the email address, not the name is not in the message source. This is true if I search on Sender as well.

Manually, I see I can put in the name.
 View - Memo Auto-view
 View - Address Auto-view

However, I would like something like that to be automated. Is that possible with a Macro that will be applied to all incoming mail?  The real name could be put in the Memo field, or (maybe more involved) the sending address could have the name added.

Any help appreciated.


Have you tried if it helps when you change the layout of the message list? When you right-click on the columns there and sel ect Message List Columns, you'll see that there are multiple options for the 'from' field (regular From, From E-mail, Fr om Address Book). Maybe if you use that last one, and you perform a search, it will find it after all.
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