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How to check recipient domain to do something in macro
Hi there,

I have this macro, that checks with a New Mail, if it goes to a certain recipient. If so it adds my customer ID into the subject.

>>> %IF:"%TOADDR"="":%SUBJECT="N123456 - "%-
It works like a charm, but I would like to just check for the DOMAIN, so that it does this with all recipients of that company. How do I do that?

I tried %IF:"%TOADDR"="" but certainly it wasn't that easy ;-)

I cannot provide the answer, Jurgen, but regex may be your solution. I use regex is quite simple processes, but what you're seeking is the ability to have the data to left of @ ignored when comparing against the target domain. There is a TB!-oriented page on macros and regex at which may prove helpful. If you do figure it out, I would appreciate seeing your solution, as it would help others, I'm sure. Good luck.

Heya David,

luck was what I needed. I had tried unsuccessfully to get it working for maybe one hour, before posting my question. I tried again, and this time (after another hour) IT WORKS.

The trouble was not the regex search pattern. Not because I'm such a genius, but because I could google for it. The problem that took me so long was getting the macro to take the regex result of search in the email for the domain.

I did not understand how to do that, but by first trying the appealing versions and then the weird versions (from my inexperienced point of view) I stumbled over the right one that works. I always thought that the "%REGEXPMATCH=%TOADDR" bit would get the domain string and I would use the %REGEXPMATCH then again in the IF part, you know like a system variable. Like so:

   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ thought this would BE the regex result, and IF it's the correct domain it would be like
                  "" = "" -> TRUE

Didn't work. Only when I used that full code piece in the IF part, it worked.

the working part results (I think) from the macro's POV in:



BECOMES with the wanted domain:
%IF:""="":   --> TRUE
%IF:""="":   --> FALSE

Learned something about TB macros, and I hope I will remember it at the next time I'll try do something nifty.

So this I just put at the beginning of the template, this is the regex part 1 - setting the pattern
to see what regex actually finds (not needed after one knows that part works), it outputs what the regex sees as the domain part in the TO field:

then here comes the thing that does the magic:

%IF:"%REGEXPMATCH=%TOADDR"="":%SUBJECT="insertyourtext - %SUBJECT"%-
The %SUBJECT="insertyourtext - %SUBJECT"%- prevents the deletion of whatever text one was typing when going through the header fields in a new mail.

So one has to type into that macro the "" domain and the text (like in my case my customer ID) at "insertyourtext".

all this I have put into my macro that gets started when I open a new message window.

sorry for the very long entry for a very short solution.

Thanks a bunch for sharing such a detailed explanation. Many of us struggle with regex and your post will be undoubtedly helpful. I'm copying it for possible future use.

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