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Change font for Hyperlink
I have been up and down the settings but I keep missing something.  When I ins ert a hyperlink in to an email body it shows as Times New Roman Font 14 and all ensuing text after that keeps this font.  Is there a way I can change the font type and size.  In my previous version of TB it was TNR font 12, and couldn't find anything there.  I am currently running with 8.8.9 (64-bit) on a Win 10 OS.
Here you go -
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Thanks but this doesn't seem to work for a cut and paste of a URL.  For insert URL, we are golden (thank you), but do you know a way for C&P to format correctly?
What happens when you paste a URL that was copied to the clipboard as plain text?

Maybe the clipboard item includes layout information, which could override whatever you have defined in The Bat (I have that problem with a different program - I always have to paste and re-copy URLs in a plain text editor to strip the font type and size).
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