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the default quote reply in TB, is this:


Ciao %OFromFName,

in data %ODate, alle ore %OTime, hai scritto:



As you know, the most used client (OE) doesn't
use the '>' signs to mark quoted text.
and so it's a problem with muliple replies in the same message because The Bat put the name of the recipient  also at the messages that I wrote!!!!!!

What do you do in such cases?

Roelof otten, to solve the problem, has reccomended me
to use a different way to reply at OE contacts, because they use another quote.

Something like this:
==========Start of template====================================



Original message
From: %OFrom
To:   %OToList
Sub:  %OSubject
Date: %ODate

===========End of template=====================================

I would ask you if there's another way to solve the problem, or at least, if someone can tell me how I can insert a blue line at the left of the quoted text (like OE) ??

Update to 3.60
And uncheck
Options -> Preferences -> Viewer/Editor -> Reply to HTML in plain text
Don't look for this option in older versions, as it wasn't available there.
It won't give you quite the same blue line OE does, but I guess they'll understand it.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
....Thanks  Roelof!

At least they have insert a different "layout" to reply at html messages!
I saw the "blu line" but, do you think there is a way to change layout of that line?

Thank you very much!

No, that's the most ugly quote I ever sow. Something like stupid table with ugly blue filed cell and we can't change it... Terrible!
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